Windermere Preparatory School Performing Arts Private Lesson Studios


Imagine a world void of symphonies, dramatic plays, or watercolor paintings. There are no scientific processes to measure their value, and yet to exclude any one facet of the arts surely is to hinder a student in pursuit of becoming a Renaissance person. Windermere Preparatory School students experience opportunities to evaluate the work and performance of others as well as their own. They evaluate process and technique as well as aesthetic preference. A greater awareness of those pieces deemed worthy of sharing from one generation to the next allows for self-examination and soul searching, bringing resolution to questions of the human heart.

Windermere Preparatory School's Visual & Performing Arts Program equips students for lifelong involvement in artistic and scholastic pursuits through the integration of performing arts and college preparatory academics. We seek to create and nurture a vibrant arts community and promote artistic excellence. Our high-quality performing and visual arts programs enhance and empower the students’ artistic modes of thinking, benefitting both the students’ lives and society. The NCCAS Framework (Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding, and Connecting) is utilized as a structure for our curriculum and creating standards.

Your child will follow an innovative embedded arts curriculum created in collaboration with The Juilliard School, a world leader in performing arts education. It enriches the high-quality teaching and learning offered in our schools with the artistic values, traditions, and expertise of Juilliard.

At Windermere Preparatory School, the Visual and Performing Arts are an integral part of our culture and our curriculum. The process of creation, improvisation, and exploration forms the cornerstone of our philosophy.

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